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14 january 2007
Interface goes official
Long time, no see. We have some great news from the jQuery community, jQuery is celebrating its one year anniversary with version 1.1 released. 1.1 features a lot of api improvements, speed increases and many new features.

With all these improvements to jQuery, we thought it may be a good time to also update Interface, since there was a lot coming up.

After Interface's source was opened to the public since it moved into jQuery's SVN, many people participated in bug fixes and improvements. However, there are now two people investing lots of their time in developing the core of Interface.

Stefan Petre, who started the project and still spends a great amount of his time in fixing bugs and finding new ways to improve features and performance, and Paul Bakaus, who does a lot of conception, supplies new components and rewrites stuff together with Stefan.

The new Interface 1.1 (yeah, we have versions now ;-) ) comes with a lot of peformance improvements, fewer depencies and many many bug fixes. It also features completely new components, i.e. animateClass and scrollToAnchors.

We also invested a lot of time and power into improving the documentation and the website. We often came to a point where we really wanted to change the API in several ways, but it seemed to late for Interface.

This is why we decided to start Interface 2, a non-compatible collection with many parts rewritten and a overall sense-making architecture. We will soon release first parts of it in a seperate section, but continue to update Interface 1. Check our news section again soon!


Download now

Interface 1.2 146kb (source files, compressed files)
jQuery 1.1.2 19 kb

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