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This plugin allows to select items from a container by dragging a rubberband selection.


accept string mandatory the class name for items inside container
selectedclass string optional when an acceptable item is selected gets this class
helperclass string optional the class applied to the selection rectacle
opacity float ( < 1) optional opacity for the item while in drag
onselect function optional callback that get as argument the selection serialize

Code sample:

accept : 'selectableitem',
opacity : 0.2,
selectedclass : 'selecteditem',
helperclass : 'selecthelper',
onselect : function(serial)


This function returns the hash and an object (can be used as arguments for $.post) with the selection. The hash is based on the 'id' attributes of container and items.

Download now

Interface 1.2 146kb (source files, compressed files)
jQuery 1.1.2 19 kb

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