Interface elements for jQuery - Changelog


The following changelog provides information of changes for every tagged Interface version. For additional and recent changes you can check the log in jQuery's SVN folder trunk/plugins/interface.

ver. 1.2

Now Interface overwrites the default 'animation' function with an extended one. The new 'animate' function brings several enhancements:

  • Animates a collection of properties using one timer instead of using separate timers per property
  • Handles color properties like 'backgroundColor', 'borderColor' etc.
  • Animates styles and CSS classes

Also, Interface offfers new functions to handle animations: stop(), stopAll() and pause().

animateColor(), animateClass() and animateStyle() are depracated

  • Fixed bug where 'onSelect' callback was not called
  • Fixed bug where the IFRAME used on IE to overlap SELECT elements was not resized to suggestion's box sizes
  • Fixed bug where 'onSelect' callback was not called when TAB was used
  • Fixed bug when a Draggable was destroyed the restriction on click/drag/select where not removed
FX ScrollTo
  • Fixed bug where the left position was calculated based on values for top position
  • Fixed bug where the HREF attribute was not retrieved right on IE
  • Fixed bug where returned value for scroll left was 0 when scroll top value was 0
ver. 1.1.2
  • Fixed 'onHover' and 'onOut' callbacks/li>
  • Fixed 'onChange' callback
  • Fixed bug where the element was not resized in N/S directions if ratio was set
ver. 1.1.1
  • Fixed selection on IE of navigation links
  • Fixed keyboard navigation on IE
  • Fixed a bug on IE when the slider is restricted
  • Fixed bug where a restricted slider did not slide to next adjacent position
  • Added option to scale suggestion box so fits to input's width
  • Added option for multiple selections with autocompletion per segment
  • Added a new callback: 'onHighlight'
  • Added 'onDrag' modifier
FX Highlight
  • Chenged color detection. If elements does not have a backgroundColor then the tree node is traversed till a backgroundColor is found on one of its parents
  • Added new option: 'frameClass' when present the element inside drag helper is hidden and the class is applied
  • Changed callback 'onStart' receives as parameters element's position too
  • Changed: now mousedown on element returns true if selectables is present and shiftKey pressed. This makes draggables to play nice with selectables
  • Removed pugerEvents on drag init. This had a conflict with draggable that contained input fields
  • Fixed bug when a sort item was not drop on a sortable and it was reverted to initial position even if the sorthelper was in other place
  • Added 'DestroySortable'
  • Complete rewrite
  • Fixed pressed key code detection for IE
  • Added add to selection if shift key is pressed too
ver. 1.1
New plugins
  • Accordion
  • Autoscroller
  • 3D Carousel
  • Fisheye menu
  • Imagebox
  • Resizables
  • FX ScrollToAnchors
  • FX animateClass, animateStyle, animateColor
  • FX easing formulas
  • Documentation
  • Examples
  • Download page
  • when 'axis' was set generated an error on Internet Explorer
  • fixed bug where sortables where called even there was no sortable in page
  • fixed bug where sortables where called even there was no sortable in page
  • speed improvement for droppables size and position detection, this affects sortables too
  • Fixed bug where if the dragged element was accepted by the sortable and not overlaping any item, the dragged element was appended to body instead to the sortable
  • fixed box model for sort helper
  • the sortable is measured before the dragged element is hidden
  • changed default tolerance to 'pointer'
FX Highlight
  • object detection for options
FX Transferer
  • fixed box model for transferer helper

Download now

Interface 1.2 146kb (source files, compressed files)
jQuery 1.1.2 19 kb

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